The day you asked me.

Dear You, I remember the day you asked me to date you. It was all gloomy but, just for a second and soon it hit me why will he ever date me and more than that why will I ever date him and ruin his life by just dating me? Doesn’t he know that I…Read more The day you asked me.


Shades of colours. 

Dear shades of colours I don't know, I remember you talking about the colours holding the pallet sheet in your hand and how they’re not enough to describe an emotion. How the shades of blue are not that blue at times and how a shade of yellow seem to fade a little compared to your…Read more Shades of colours. 

Substitutes, more like replacements.

Substitutes is defined by the number of options you have, to replace something you didn’t have or something you’ve lost. You sit in the comfy chair and realize it is easy to replace anything in this world. You substitute your addiction of coffee with tea. You substitute the hunger with few diet pills. You substitute…Read more Substitutes, more like replacements.